Are your favorite most amazing and beautiful stars rocking naturally long locks? Chances are, they’re faking it.  Hair extensions have become the must-have accessory of celebrities and starlets on the red carpet and in magazines. Celebrities are using extensions made with real hair.

Looking beautiful is the greatest wish of each woman in this world. Many ads, TV shows and movies are focusing and showing on women’s body and hair. When the hair look healthy and shiny the woman looks healthy and successful. Stars look good not only because they are beautiful or handsome, but also because they can keep appearance and behavior. Thus, don’t be confused of having ordinary face.

Hair extensions, in which hair is attached onto a person’s existing hair or scalp by either weaving, gluing or clipping it on, may cause little damage to some women but, for others, the hairpieces can cause nightmarish results.

Make you look good by doing these tips:

Be hygienic

No matter how beautiful you’re, you will not look good if your body is not clean, like taking a bath rarely. It is more complete when you’re also lazy to brush teeth, shampoo hair, take care of face, etc.

Take care of your hair

Today many women are following suit and using the extensions at home and work. At a very young age, women are experiencing the dangerous side effects that come with trying to transform one’s natural hair with hair pieces that make their hair longer and fuller.

How Long Do They Last?
Individual extensions generally last 3 1/2 to 4 months depending on care. At about the two month mark a “tidy cut” would be required.

Damage Control
While many women worry about extensions causing damage to hair, trusting a seasoned professional can minimize the risk. “If the extensions are placed in the hair correctly, there should be no damage at all,” says Ruthie. However, with extension types that are bonded to your hair, there is a greater chance of damage than with pieces that are simply clipped or sewn in.

The “Natural” Look
Hair Extensions made with real hair for natural look. Hairextensions made with real hair are looking realistic and can also be cut, color, and style them. Whereas nylon strands would burn or break.