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100% Remy Custom Human Hair, 100% Human Hair, 80/20 Blends, 50/50 Blends, and 100% Synthetic wigs that are arts imitation of life at its finest.

European Custom Collection

While the products alone may be considered a work of art, further shaping and customizations to the exact needs of the end-user are certain to arise. We are here to answer such needs.

European Wigs

Only the absolute finest and most beautiful European hair is selected for such wonderfully refreshing natural hair wigs. Within this European Collection there are wavy hair wigs and curly wigs as well as straight natural hair wigs both short and long. Make a bold statement with a lovely trend European wig. You never know when you’re going to visit Milan so you might as well be prepared for it.

European Hair Style Wigs

Europe has always been on the cutting edge of fashion. Take some of that glory home with you by indulging in a European wig. European hairstyle wigs combine the elegance of old world culture with today’s modern fashion. Whether you need a blonde wig or a black wig, a long wig or a short wig, you’re sure to find elegance in each of the viable choices in this collection. These hair pieces are fashion items in and of themselves to be cherished and worn with love. These full wigs for women will leave a lasting impression on you and anybody who sees their beauty.

Give your look a boost! Our processed European hair wigs are available in several exciting styles and colors. From the elegant, understated beauty of our New Infinity wig, to the eye-catching and fiery radiance of the New Premier. Only the finest and healthiest European hair is selected to craft our processed European wigs to ensure that your wig is beautifully natural-looking and long-lasting.

Natural European Wigs, Human Hair European Wigs

Nothing compares to the silky smoothness of human¬†hair wigs. Women’s wigs in particular deserve attention to detail. European wigs are trendy and unique, but when they’re human hair wigs they’re extra special. You can feel and see a significant difference when they’re made by professionals with years of experience.

We offer a diverse selection of high-quality processed European women’s wigs. Available in a variety of trendy styles, lengths, and colors, our processed European wigs provide excellent, lasting value for women seeking beautiful European-style wigs at a friendly, cost-conscious price.

Trust New York’s Premier Women’s Wig Manufacturer for Processed European Wigs

We have been providing discerning, fashionable women with processed European hair wigs, as well as European Hair, 100% REMI Hair and other high-quality wigs for over three decades. Trust our commitment to quality and years of experience to match you with the best quality wigs at the best price. NYC Wigs is dedicated to making you look your most natural and providing you with a great wig buying experience, so don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff with your questions!

100% Remi Hair Wigs from Yaffa Wigs

We offer 100% Remi wigs. Remi wigs (also spelled remy), are among the most high-quality, natural and durable human hair wig options available. Remi wigs are sourced from real, healthy human hair that, unlike lesser quality wigs, maintains its natural cuticle, ensuring that the hair stays stronger, more vibrant, and less prone to damage from the elements. In addition, remy hair is collected and refitted in its natural-facing direction. This preserves the natural path of the cuticle, which makes the hair less likely to tangle and bunch up. As a result, remi hair makes combing and curling as effortless as if it was your own hair, and helps to contribute to its superior look, feel, and durability.


Get the look you want! We have a wide assortment of remi human hair wigs to suit every woman’s taste and style. Whether you are searching for the timeless straight look of our popular 2010 or Fall wigs, the cosmopolitan chic of New Flash or the irresistible va-va voom of our Mystique wig, Our Wigs has the right Remi wig for you at the right price. Our remi human hair wigs are made with the utmost care and precision, guaranteeing you quality and peace of mind in your purchase.

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